Get The Personal Touch At The Grange Holidays

About Us


The Grange is owned by the Wright family, who bought it and refurbished it in 2021.  In their own words:

We love the farmhouse, the cottages and the peaceful setting of The Grange.  We jumped at the opportunity to buy the property and update the look and feel ensuring it was suitable for families with young children and people taking their dogs on holiday. 

It’s in a great location being close to the sea and it’s lovely being surrounded by nature here.  Our gardens are filled with bird song as many birds come to feed and nest in our trees and nesting boxes during the summer.  We’ve also seen bats, woodpeckers, hedgehogs, frogs, muntjac deer and foxes in our gardens.

The farmhouse is about 170 years old and we know that the property has had a number of different uses over the years; from an active working arable and livestock farm, to a bed and breakfast, a private home, a campsite and most recently as holiday lets.

We are keen to ensure the buildings and grounds are well maintained so they can be enjoyed by our guests for many years to come.  In our first year of ownership this has meant, among smaller works, upgrading the fire alarms, replacing the farmhouse roof and removing a number of trees that were identified as dangerous by an arboriculturist.  In the future we plan to make further changes in the gardens.

The properties are managed on our behalf by Host and Stay and if you see someone on site during your stay it’s likely to either be someone from the cleaning or maintenance teams or the gardener.

It’s always a treat when we visit, whether we’re here to make sure everything is ticking over as it should or for a break.  Our children particularly like the hot tub, driving the toy tractors and being here with friends.

We hope you enjoy your stay at The Grange and will be back to enjoy it again another time!

Jonny, Jacki, Isabella and JoJo